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ray999 Informacje o Profilu

Woman seeks woman
Wiek 31 Z Virginia Beach, Virginia - Online - Ponad 2 tygodni temu
Kobieta Szukam Kobieta

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I'm a stay-at-home mom to a 9 year old girl. I do doggie daycare for income. I have 3 dogs. I am married to a man and we share a home together in Virginia Beach with his 3 cats. I have a small farm (that I am in the beginning stages of developing) in Halifax County where my daughter, 3 dogs, and I live together (in a camper), outside of my husband.

I'm looking for genuine, healthy connections with other women and am open to spending time together as friends with the potential to develop into a romantic relationship if desired. I am also open to that relationship being with only myself or with my husband and I as a unit.
I prefer to feel out the situation on an individual basis and let things develop naturally. However, ideally, I would love to find someone to integrate into my family.

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